The “Mexican Pharma”: Scamming U.S. Citizens?

The Mexican Pharma ( Receives "F-" rating: WARNING! STAY AWAY! Our sister investigative blog, the U.S. Watchdogs, has given the Mexican Pharma (, an “F-” rating. See the full story: WARNING! “Mexican Pharma” Gets An “F-” Rating: STAY AWAY!

The story starts out with:

“After a long and detailed investigation, we give the Mexican Pharma ( an “F-” Rating, only because it is the lowest rating we can give a company, along with a very rare, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!”

As safe Canadian Drugs and their legitimate Websites were banned by the Obama Administration, U.S. Citizens have had to turn to, what can be described as, risky online pharmacies, many located across our lower border in Mexico.

This is the story of one of those Mexican Online Pharmacies, the Mexican Pharma ( The U.S. Watchdogs gave numerous opportunities to the Mexican Pharma ( to correct their more than deceptive and misleading statements on their website, namely, that they accept credit cards.

From another of our sisters, the New England Watchdogs: The Mexican Pharma: Is It Hiding From Reviewers?

“The Mexican Pharma, who once had a good reputation, lost their credit card processor and could no longer accept credit cards. While it is unclear if they were suspended by the credit card processor, we could not think of any other valid reason. The bulk of the story is that while The Mexican Pharma claimed to the U.S. Watchdogs that they could now accept credit cards, and also made this claim at their website, it was not true.

Instead, the Mexican Pharma directs unsuspecting clients to their new payment page and requires a PayPal “Send Cash” or a Wells Fargo “eCheck” Payment. These payments are pretty much like sending them cash through the mail leaving clients with no recourse if something goes wrong with the order.

It is also believed that the Mexican Pharma ( did knowingly cancel the account of the New Englander who filed the complaint. Was this punishment or a method to keep the U.S. Watchdogs from being able to see their checkout procedure, a procedure that is both deceptive and misleading and would not be allowed by law in the United States.

Here is the “Bottom Line” stated by the U.S. Watchdogs:

  1. The Mexican Pharma posts out and out lies on their website.
  2. The Mexican Pharma apparently cannot get anyone to process credit cards for them.
  3. The Mexican Pharma cancelled a client for reporting their well documented actions, and/or
  4. The Mexican Pharma wanted to prevent us from seeing their actual ordering process.

“Note: The Mexican Pharma claimed that they did not shut down our member’s account. We have tried to access his account with the original password as well as having their website send us new passwords three separate times. We tried the new passwords and continued to receive the error message: “email or password not on file”. They have also received at least three emails from us where they could have easily corrected this, if it were not a deliberate action by them. Our opinion is that this is just another lie we caught them in. They have shown time and time again that they make statements that they just don’t expect to have checked, or worse, don’t care.”

“In Conclusion: the Mexican Pharma gets a “F-” Rating, only because it is the lowest rating we can give a company, along with a very rare, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!”

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