With Judges like Shirley R. Lewis and Christopher J. Muse, the election of Judges appears inevitable.

Long overdue "Judicial Overhauling": It's comingWhen an Impeachment effort by thousands of citizens rages for over two years, complete with the flying of banners over the Court stating, “Impeach Judge Shirley R. Lewis”, turning the Massachusetts Court System into a complete embarrassment and when Attorneys lodge their complaints against a sitting Judge Christopher J. Muse, with the common theme, “Absolutely the worst judge I have been in front of”, maybe it’s time judges were elected, not appointed.

This should be true even at the level of the United States Supreme Court, as evidenced by when Justice Roberts turned his back on his political beliefs by upholding Obamacare, in an apparent attempt to restore the credibility of our Courts. The plain fact is, Americans don’t trust their elected officials, much less their appointed ones.

At least we can fire our politicians on their election year. We’re stuck with judges until their death or retirement. Our Constitution does provide us with a mechanism to remove a bad judge or politician, called Impeachment. Massachusetts’ State Constitution specifically allows its citizens to “instruct their representatives” to take actions such as an Impeachment hearing of judges and other politicians. The effectiveness of this action was made abundantly clear during the massive effort put out by so many of its citizens to impeach Massachusetts Judge Shirley R. Lewis.

Even that effort could not, on its own, bring a Judge before the legislature for a hearing of Impeachment, even though it stayed a front page news story for two years. It is rumored that only a tape of incriminating conversations with members of the State’s highest Court, forced Judge Lewis into retirement, thus preventing both the charges against Judge Lewis, and the content of the tapes from being publicly heard.

It appears that history is once again repeating itself. Our government, from the President on down, lies to us with the justification that, “it’s for our own good” and that they, “are smarter and know better” than us. While many have studied the Constitution itself, many have not studied why the Constitution was written and the history of our declaring independence from England. One of the specific reasons was to break away from an unjust judicial system. That is where our laws against self incrimination come from and why we once had protection against unjust search and seizure. Check out the great stories at our sister blog uswatchdogs.net.

The bottom line here is that more and more stories appear every day on corruption in our Courts by unfit Judges. It is long past time to elect our Judges. Let’s face it, we can’t do a worse job than our politicians.

A Few Interesting Facts:

Not a day goes by without reports of how the President himself lied. Some Judges are honorable men and woman, who we believe truly want to serve the causes of justice and our laws. However, there seems to be an ever growing number of Judges that believe, similar to President Obama, that they were anointed not appointed.

The once sacred Impeachment Process is no longer useful since partisan politics will prevail in preventing a two thirds majority in the Senate required to actually remove a Judge .

The plain and simple fact is, we now have a fox with rabies guarding the hen house.  We allow judges to police judges and politicians to police politicians. Then there’s the  Bar Association where we allow lawyers to police other lawyers, which means to say, not to protect “we the people”, but to protect lawyers’ income. The irony there is that the Bar Association’s membership includes judges and most of our politicians. In fact, there is nothing in our Constitution referencing “Attorneys”. Our sixth Amendment guarantees the right to the assistance of counsel. At that time, “lawyers” became such by “reading the law” and apprenticeship. The Bar Association was not founded until August 21, 1878.

We need to start producing more innovators instead of those that make their living from the blood, sweat and tears of others. Because of this, our country is falling behind in what was once a dramatic lead in the world of technology.

We have a President who appears to want us to become more European when it suits him, yet won’t adopt what most European companies have adopted: loser pays. It stopped the majority of frivolous lawsuits from ever being filed, and would also lower insurance premiums, including medical insurance.

In future stories, we will talk more about “Loser Pays” as well as “Tort Reforms”, which will begin to turn our country’s current mentality of “paper pushers” into real achievers.

Reprinted with permission from US Watchdogs (www.uswatchdogs.net).

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