Pro Se Litigant Series

More and more people are being forced, economically, to represent themselves pro se. Our sister site,, is providing a series of articles with experiences from pro se litigants.

Pro Se Litigant SeriesThe following excerpt is from one of those stories: Torres v. Torres: A story of two Pro Se Litigants’ battle, not just for justice, but their very survival

This is an unbelievable story that happens to also be the case of Torres v. Torres.  Many of you will find the facts of this story very hard to believe. This is a story that will have you wondering just how well you know the family next door, and that fact can be much stranger than fiction. We verified all of the facts in this article, many of them twice, as we questioned their veracity as well.

Memoirs in the Case of Torres v. Torres

The perfect Storm: This story takes place in two countries, three states, starts on the West Coast and continues on the East. This is a story of a family, Donald, James and Jesse (IV) Torres, living in the state of California and Baja California Mexico. It is about Sophie and Mary Torres, living in Falmouth Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where the Torres’ had lived for generations. It is about Jesse E. Torres III, who lived on both coasts, in Falmouth and in Baja.

This story is about the multi-millions of dollars in equity that were never realized, about those who wished to share in the bounty of a company’s public offering. It is about dreams lost when the dot com crash wiped out so many in its path. It is about the difference between criminals who would rather steal and entrepreneurs who would create. It is about a family who, once together, fell apart. It is about greed and the ever-increasing craving for more.

This story is about bad judges. It is about thousands of distraught citizens battling their government, demanding the Impeachment of a known bad Judge. It is about the embarrassment caused the Court by full page advertisements on front pages, about two years of embarrassing exposure in the news. It is, perhaps, about Barnstable Courts waiting over 25 years to finally take their revenge.

This is the story of Torres v. Torres.

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