Examining Judge Christopher J. Muses Record; Not so good…

This story is based on Judge Christopher J. Muse: A leopard’s spots never change, published on uswatchdogs.net.

Examining Judge Christopher J. Muses Record; Not so good...As our series on the proposed Modified Missouri Plan to Appoint Judges, starting in Massachusetts, which would keep good Judges from having to run in general elections, while finally giving us a way to get rid of the bad Judges with recall elections. During our research, we seem to keep coming up with more and more information about Massachusetts Judge Christopher J. Muse. There are many, many claims that he is a bad Judge from attorneys, litigants and other elected and appointed officials. One thing is for sure, he has once again made us shake our heads. It appears that the statement posted in numerous articles on uswatchdogs.net that came from the transcripts of the Torres v. Torres case, were only partially true. From the transcripts of Torres v. Torres, Judge Christopher J. Muse stated:

My family life is irrelevant. My judge and law life is very important.

It appears that back in 2004 when Judge Muse was in yet another “I’m the judge” moment, he didn’t mind mixing his law and family life together, at least when it suits him/them.

Pat Whitley, a morning talk host at WRKO-AM 680, blasted Justice Christopher Muse last week, saying the judge should have removed himself from the case because his brother is connected to the organization that brought the civil suit against the Waltham Police Department. – Wicked Local Dedham

Now, it is not important, at least to us, that this controversial decision by Judge Christopher J. Muse was highly debated by citizens on both sides. What does concern us, and should concern you, is that he let his brother, an attorney like many members of his family, argue a case before him, and decided it in his brother’s favor. Apparently, if “irrelevant” family members are attorneys,  then they, and their cases, are also very important to him.

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