Jesse Stockwell and Debtmerica LLC won’t deny allegations against them

We would like to join our Freedom Network website, in openly offering a chance to Debtmerica LLC’s Managing Partner, Jesse Stockwell of Orange County California the same chance they were given at to deny the allegations of wrong doing published in our stories.

Jesse Stockwell and Debtmerica LLC won't deny allegations against themThere has been a two year battle in the Massachusetts Courts after R.I.C.O. charges were filed against Jesse Stockwell (A.K.A. Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse E. Stockwell), the Founder and Managing Partner of Debtmerica LLC, and against Debtmerica LLC itself. There is an excellent summary of that case entitled, Torres v. Torres: The Case In A Nutshell at

Jesse Stockwell (A.K.A. Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse E. Stockwell) has not denied that he and his mother, Joanne Stockwell (A.K.A. Joanne Torres, Joanne Stockwell-Torres) of Falmouth, Massachusetts, conspired together when they falsified Federal Student Loan Applications, supposedly to obtain federal student grants which do not have to be paid back. Student loans, on the other hand, do have to be repaid. The two also allegedly conspired to get funds, belonging to Jesse Stockwell’s father, transferred directly or indirectly to Jesse Stockwell. also uncovered supporting facts that Jesse Stockwell (A.K.A. Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse E. Stockwell) conspired with his Grandmother, Sophie J. Torres of Falmouth, Massachusetts and his spinster Aunt, Mary C. Torres of Falmouth, Massachusetts (A.K.A. Mary Carmon Torres), to change his deceased Grandfather’s Will. The altered Will would leave Mary C. Torres with what was appraised as $800,000 in Real Estate. This Real Estate had been contractually left to his father for loans he had made to his parents and was contractually agreed to be worth $1.6 mil. Did Jesse Stockwell’s childless Aunt Mary C. Torres leave that property to him in her Will?

This conspiracy with so many women in his life is an ironic situation indeed, as Jesse Stockwell has also stated that, and we quote from an email to his father, “woman can be bought and sold later” (See source here).

The trio of Jesse Stockwell, his mother, Joanne Stockwell and his spinster Aunt Mary C. Torres, were sent emails by (Jesse’s email, Joannes email, Mary’s email), giving them an opportunity to deny these and other allegations of wrong doing. According to, of this trio, not one denied any of these allegations,

Some of our articles contain facts less than flattering to certain individuals and/or companies. On it is the facts that matter, not the identity of the person exposing them, nor the status of whom they expose. We always state when something we published was a conclusion based on the facts presented. We always give the other side a chance to respond.

We would like to make an open invitation to publish any facts that contradict those made by to Jesse Stockwell (A.K.A. Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse E. Stockwell) Founder of Debtmerica, LLC, Jesse Stockwell’s mother, Joanne Stockwell (A.K.A. Joanne Torres, Joanne Stockwell-Torres), Jesse Stockwell’s Grandmother, Sophie J. Torres and Jesse Stockwell’s Aunt Mary C. Torres (A.K.A. Mary Carmen Torres). If they have any facts that meet our standards, the same standards met by the original authors of the stories, we will retract any such stories and publish a featured story on their facts. See our Contribute Page for our publishing standards.

We know our readers are smart enough to conclude why they didn’t respond.

Here are those contacted by, a link to the stories and a link to their email to them.

  1. Jesse Stockwell of Orange County, California (A.K.A. Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse E. Stockwell) Debtmerica LLC Founder and Managing Partner – (email) (stories)
  2. Mary C. Torres of Falmouth, Massachusetts (A.K.A. Mary Carmen Torres) – (email) (stories)
  3. Soft As A Grape of Wareham, Massachusetts (email1, email2) (stories) – Note: Soft As A Grape was only contacted with questions concerning the use of corporate assets by Mary C. Torres, their bookkeeper, to communicate with the Defendants’ Attorneys at Wilkins, DeYoung & Carter of Hyannis, Massachusetts and others concerning the Torres v. Torres Case.
  4. Joanne Stockwell of Falmouth Massachusetts (A.K.A. Joanne Torres, Joanne Stockwell-Torresl) (email) (stories) – Note: We just located the email address of Joanne Stockwell and are giving her time to respond.

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