Is eBay’s Seller Protection Scam the Brainchild of Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎)?

Is eBay's founder Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎) the architect of eBay's Seller Protection Scam?

Is eBay’s founder Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎) the architect of eBay’s Seller Protection Scam?

Reports are popping up all over the Internet of an alleged intentional scam, the brainchild of eBay’s founder, Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎), who reports himself to be a Paris-born Iranian who moved to the United States in his later childhood. Please note, it is Mr. Omidyar who uses the Arabic next to his name, as evidenced by his Wikipedia Post. These stories on the U.S. Freedom Network, forums and blogs and other websites, are apparently dedicated to exposing eBay’s scam against their unknowing sellers. See the full story here.

The U.S. Freedom Network has gone proactive and is shortly to introduce the new KloudKover Organization ( will attempt to level the playing field by introducing applications using the revolutionary KodeGen kode generator. This kode generator will produce the documents required to file complaints, discovery documents and deceptive and misleading trade practices filings against eBay, PayPal, eBay’s founder and chairman Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎)  and other high-ranking eBay and PayPal officials .

The focus of this story is whether Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎) and  other high-ranking eBay and PayPal officers did intentionally conspire to perpetrate a fraud on their sellers by creating a well-publicized policy entitled the “eBay Money Back Guarantee”, apparently knowing full well it would be impossible to meet the expectations and costs of their policy. Therefore, the legal question becomes, did these alleged co-conspirators conspire to increase their sales and profits by forcing the entire costs of their new program onto their unknowing sellers?

It is believed that the evidence is overwhelming that Pierre Omidyar (پیر مراد امیدیار‎)  and other eBay and PayPal high-ranking officials have pierced the corporate umbrella and that the best place to find out if all of this is true is in the courts in the various states where these complaints will be filed. Additionally, the road map for the eBay Equalizer includes international versions for filing complaints against eBay and PayPal in all nations that protect their citizens against deceptive and misleading trade practices.

What starts with a pebble hitting water can become a Tsunami when enough pebbles are thrown.

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